Dead Flowers

Well when you're sittin back, in your rose pink Cadillac Making bets on Kentucky Derby Day, I'll be in my basement room, with a needle and a spoon. And another girl to take my pain away -Jagger/Richards

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rain Dogs

"Rain dogs" are dogs which become lost because the rain has washed away their scent, which resembles many of the lost characters in the songs.
I have got a thing for singer/songwriters. If I try and make a list of my 10 favourite musicians right now, at least five would be singer/songwriters. Yes, Tom Waits would surely be one. It is pretty hard to pick the best Tom Waits album. But I can easily pick MY favourite- Rain Dogs (Alice would come very close). It is glorious.
P.S: Keef plays guitar on two outstanding tracks: Big Black Mariah and Blind Love
Here Waits lists his 20 fav albums

Friday, January 19, 2007

Peel Sessions # 2

More Peel Sessions

1.Galaxie 500
Beautiful band. Beautiful show.

2.Guided by Voices
One problem with a lot of Peel Sessions (available on the net) is that Peel's voice/intro is generally edited out. These shows somehow feel incomplete without his voice. But on this show you can hear him well. The show is pretty good too. Chk out 'Atom Eyes'.

3.Sonic Youth
Here SY do some Fall covers.

Another shoegazing band.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Clap your hands say yeah! - Some loud thunder (2007)

This album too is floating around.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I watched Trainspotting for the 100th time. And went Nightclubbing again.
Another album leak: The Good, The Bad & The Queen. I downloaded it a few days back. I guess the link wont be active for very long. Give it a try.

The official release date is January 22nd.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Incorrigible Mr. Richards

Fucking hell. Just look at him, man. Ah! Stoned and having a glass of juice (what a killer combo). I wonder what it would be like sharing a doobie with him. And imagine having a grand-dad like him.

Keith Richards quote , when asked (sometime in 68-69) about all the flower-power idealism of the 1960's ..."All You Need Is Love?", try paying the fucking rent with it".

I love this guy. He is a wise old pirate. And that is why he is still alive. A man who knows his drugs.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I am not a big fan of ‘Shoegaze/Shoegazing’. And that is precisely why, Psychocandy (1985), mighty (and probably the genesis of the genre) as it may be, is not my favourite Jesus and Mary Chain album. I prefer (and adore) the post- Candy JMC. Another band, which is sometimes wrongly classified as shoegazing, is Galaxie 500.

Talking of JMC and Galaxie 500 reminds me of Ride. A band I had totally forgotten about (last I heard was in college). And would not have gone back to if I had not found this excellent show done for John Peel . Ride’s music is a perfect mix of JMC and Galaxie 500. A Shoegazing band of my kind. I have downloaded ‘Nowhere’, and ‘Going Blank Again’ is next.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm braggin

I have said this before: Bombay has never disappointed me when it comes to finding records. There are some fantastic people (read collectors) here who are more than willing to sell if they have a spare copy (a chap gave me Woodstock 1969 triple album, because he had three copies!!). 2003-04 was the time when I bought shit loads of awesome records, which I took back to Delhi. A third of those (and some of my favourites) are still lying there.

Apart from these collectors, Chor Bazaar is another fantastic place to buy used records and compact discs. And the biggest plus is that the sellers (like any other flea market) have absolutely no clue what they are selling. I have heard stories that some old-timers have found rare stuff like Neil Young’s On the Beach there. Leave alone veterans, I too have picked up some awesome stuff like Black Sabbath’s s/t debut album and Vol. 4, Velvet Underground’s Loaded and Live 1969, Miles Davis’ Live at Fillmore. And you generally get British or American pressings.

Since I had not been there in nearly six months, I decided to drop in. I went there last Friday expecting no great surprises. Because half yearly visits don’t yield results. You need to check that place out every Friday. But I guess it was supposed to be my day, and look what I got- two Japanese pressings, which are supposed to be the best and pretty hard to come by. But others are those regular British pressings.

Dylan’s Greatest Hits: Japanese pressing (have the Indian copy but this is something special)

Prince: Purple Rain- Japanese pressing with separate lyrics sheet (this has not sunk in yet)

Dylan: Highway 61 & Planet Waves (common British pressings, although Planet Waves is plain mediocre picked it just because I did not have the album on vinyl)

Neil Young: After the Gold Rush (my second copy and a much better one with a gatefold) Amazing b/w inside photo. At 24", this can easily be framed and preserved as a wall hanging.

Friday, January 05, 2007

For Your Pleasure

This album completes the glam trinity.

If there is any album, which truly defines the concept of art-rock, it is For You Pleasure. A great album by a great band.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Diamond Dogs- Sweet thing, sweet thing

1.Folded - measures 12"
2. Unfolded - measures 24"

Another Tony Visconti gem (Electric Warrior being another). Another classic cover. And it is my favourite Bowie album.

One more album from my LP collection which has a gatefold sleeve. The vinyl is pretty heavy so the sound quality is superb ( better than CD if you ask me). The only fuck up is that it has been pressed in India and the cover feels like it's made of cheap cardboard. I so desperately need a British pressing of this album (and I will find it someday here in Bombay itself, because this city has never let me down when it comes to finding LPs).

Nevertheless, it is a pure visual delight when you unfold the cover and the doggy part of Bowie emerges.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Electric Warrior

Awesome album (almost essential). Awesome cover art (IMO one of the best).

And it definitely does not hurt if you own a vinyl copy ( near mint condition) of this album with a gate-fold sleeve and a separate lyrics sheet.